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Superior Painting Services with Genuine Nippon Paint

At Colour Creative Painting Service, we have 20 years of experience in renovation and painting services. Our painting services using authentic Nippon Paint are available for a wide range of customers, from HDBs, to condos, to private estates. We have an exceptional team of over 10 painters to carry out fast painting services at one of the lowest costs you can find in Singapore. Though our prices are low and our services are fast, we don’t falter on quality, and still assure a fantastic, long-lasting finish each time. We use genuine Nippon Paint directly imported from our reliable suppliers to beautify your home in any way you want it.
Since our beginnings, we’ve turned our customers’ homes into their dream living space. We’ve worked with numerous clients since our founding. We believe that colour has a massive impact on a space, whether it be relaxing a space, brightening up a dull room or creating a sophisticated, elegant finish. When it comes to colour, you can trust Colour Creative to find you the perfect fit. Creative Colour is your trusted partner that you can rely on to deliver excellent services in Singapore.

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A passionate team offering affordable and quality services

Over time, paint can chip and fade away. You may even find that the colour you once loved is out-of-date or doesn’t suit the rest of your décor and furniture.
This is where our expertise and superb Nippon Paint come in.
Our team believes every individual needs to feel welcomed in their homes. You want to feel comfortable and happy in your room, and the best way to do that is ensure you are proud of your space. A fresh coat of paint can do wonders for a space, and it’s exactly why we have a dedicated team of contractors available for painting jobs.
We are the team you can trust to deliver excellent services with premium tools.


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It’s our mission to provide you with that quality coating in each one of your rooms. Our paints include Nippon Paint, known as one of the most premium paint and colour companies anywhere in the world. Combining this quality paint with our efficient services and dedicated team means that you get the best results. Our service is available for all Singapore homes, including HDB, condos and private estates.

So, if you’ve got a job lined up, give us a call now on 6565 7747 and we’ll get back to you with a competitive quote and consultation.


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