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Cheap and Reliable HDB Painting in Singapore

Colour Creative provides very affordable professional painting services for HDB houses in Singapore. We pride ourselves on providing the best painting makeover for your new home or a revamp to your house walls.

Since colours can have a dramatic effect on the mood of your room, we make sure to offer a variety of colours to choose from, so you can pick the perfect fit.

We also know that HDBs can sometimes be a complex space to paint. With corners, crevices and small rooms, an HDB house painting makeover requires an expert eye and a professional service. Not only do our painting services enhance the beauty of your HDB apartment, but they are also essential for protecting your home against environmental factors and daily wear. This protection is crucial as it significantly extends the longevity and maintains the aesthetics of your living environment.

At Colour Creative, we boast over two decades of expertise in the painting industry, consistently leaving our customers delighted with the results. Our team comprises over 25 highly skilled Singaporean painting contractors who are adept at executing projects swiftly and effectively, ensuring top-tier customer service. We also provide an obligation-free quote, inviting you to discover the affordability and quality of our services firsthand.

HDB Painting Services

At Colour Creative, we offer a wide range of HDB painting services designed to cater to the unique needs and budgets of our clients. Whether you’re refreshing the look of your current space or preparing a new home, we’ve got you covered with our versatile HDB painting packages.





  • 2 Room - $600
  • 5 Room - $1100
  • 3 Room - $700
  • 5 Room Exec/3 Gen - $1300
  • 4 Room - $900
  • Masionette - $1600
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  • 2 Room - $750
  • 5 Room - $1400
  • 3 Room - $900
  • 5 Room Exec/3 Gen - $1600
  • 4 Room - $1200
  • Masionette - $1900
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  • 2 Room - $900
  • 5 Room - $1700
  • 3 Room - $1100
  • EA/3 Gen - $1900
  • 4 Room - $1500
  • Masionette - $2200
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Add OnsPrice
Door and Frame $60
Toilet Pipe$50
Main Gate$80
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Our Preferred Nippon Paints

At Colour Creative, we exclusively use Nippon Paints for our HDB painting services to ensure the highest quality and durability. Among our selections, Nippon Odour-less Medifresh is a favourite for its nearly scent-free nature, making it perfect for those sensitive to odours while providing a washable and low-sheen finish that brightens rooms beautifully. For those prioritising durability and easy maintenance, Nippon Easy Wash with Teflon offers a resilient, washable surface and additional protection against wear and tear. The Nippon Odour-less All-In 1 is another odourless option that enhances the aesthetic with its matte finish, and the Nippon 3-in-1 Medifresh offers antibacterial properties ideal for creating a healthier living environment. Nippon Vinilex 5000 delivers a classic matte finish for timeless elegance, and Nippon Matex provides a cost-effective solution without sacrificing quality, especially suitable for rental properties. These paints not only cater to aesthetic and health needs but also ensure long-lasting results, aligning with our commitment to excellence in HDB house painting.

We Promise Quality Results

At Colour Creative, we are committed to delivering quality results that stand the test of time. As such, our comprehensive HDB painting services tackle common defects and challenges head-on, ensuring your home not only looks great but is also protected against various paint-related issues.

For example, we expertly handle problems such as fading, flaking, or chalking of paints, efflorescence, and the presence of holes and cracks. Our meticulous preparation process includes sealing and treating surfaces to prevent these issues, ensuring a flawless finish.

Our team is also trained to pay special attention to the unique architectural features of HDB flats, such as sharp edges, intricate corners, and split concrete areas, which require precise painting techniques to achieve a smooth and even coat. We use only quality materials and the latest technology in paints and tools to ensure that every square inch of your space reflects perfection.

Moreover, we understand that environmental factors play a significant role in the longevity of paint. Therefore, we choose products that are designed to withstand Singapore’s humid climate, reducing the likelihood of mould, mildew, and water damage. This approach enhances the aesthetic appeal of your home while contributing to the overall healthiness of your living environment.

Why Choose Us?

Choosing Colour Creative means choosing a partner dedicated to transforming your HDB house painting project into a masterpiece.


Experienced and Reliable Painting Service


Personalised Approach and Attention to Detail


Affordable and Transparent Pricing


Hear From Our Happy Customers


Project manager is a young man but full of experience! I loved the color matching they suggested to me. Painters did an excellent job in painting although paint splattered onto my window grills but they cleaned it up after everything, even shifted my furniture back to the original place! Excellent service! Engaging them for my Mother in law's place next month 👍🏻😄😄


I’ve engaged James for the 3 times already. He is very friendly and responsive. Never once fail me. Workmanship is good and very professional in giving advises. Will go back to him in the future! Thumbs up for the good service James and your workers! Last but not least, his pricing is very reasonable!


They did a great and detailed job. The workers are also well manner and polite. Overall am happy with the services they provided. Will also look for them next time if need painting services.


James came down to take a look at the place so that he could recommend whether the sealer was needed or not, rather than just quoting outright. I was in a hurry and needed the painting job done fast. He was able to slot in a holiday, which normally the guys don’t work (appreciate this). The painting job was fantastic, and my home looks refreshed now.


Had a very pleasant experience repainting my 4 room flat. They were very patient with us while we were making up our minds about the colours and even offered very good colour suggestions which we eventually took up. Their workers did a very good job and the price quoted was also very competitive. Would definitely use them again in the future.


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Frequently Asked Questions About Our HDB Painting Services

We understand the concerns about maintaining cleanliness during any renovation or painting process. At Colour Creative, we guarantee to keep your home clean and tidy throughout the HDB painting services. Our professional team meticulously covers your furniture and flooring to protect them from any paint splatters or debris. With us, you don’t have to worry about any mess or damage — we treat your home with the utmost respect.

Once you have accepted our quotation and we have agreed on a schedule, our team will typically be able to commence with the HDB painting within a week. We understand that timing is essential when planning home renovations, and we pride ourselves on our punctuality and reliability. We aim to cause as little disruption as possible, ensuring a smooth and timely painting process for your HDB home.

Absolutely. At Colour Creative, we are committed to delivering high-quality HDB painting services as well as professional condo painting services in Singapore. This is why we confidently offer a one-year warranty against natural peeling or mould after painting. It’s our way of underlining our commitment to quality and ensuring that you have complete peace of mind when you entrust your HDB house painting project to us.

Our primary goal is customer satisfaction. We strive to deliver excellent HDB painting services that exceed your expectations. However, if for any reason you’re not satisfied with our service, we urge you to get in touch with us to discuss the issue. Our team is dedicated to finding a solution and resolving any problems to your satisfaction. We’re here to ensure you’re delighted with your newly painted HDB home.

Requesting a quotation or scheduling a consultation with Colour Creative is simple and straightforward. You can easily reach us via phone or email. We’re always ready to provide an obligation-free quote or schedule a consultation to discuss your HDB painting services needs. Whether you need advice on paint selection or are ready to start your painting project, we’re here to assist you every step of the way.



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